Termite Pest Control Service

The Termite Inspectors of Chino are termite control specialists. We provide a full range of termite services to meet every need. From termite inspections (which are free), to termite treatment, termite repair, fumigation and tenting to termite prevention and our annual termite control plans we have you covered. What's more the solutions we use for everything except fumigation are use are non-toxic and therefore safe.


The Termite Inspectors of Mission Viejo is a privately owned and operated pest control service specializing in termites. We serve customers all over Orange County however much of our business is concentrated on providing termite control in Mission Viejo.

We are licensed, insured and bonded for your safety and ours. Each of our termite inspectors is branch 3 certified and is regularly assessed and receives ongoing training.

We provide termite services for every situation, including:

  • Termite inspection for escrow
  • Termite inspection For property management company
  • Residential termite inspection
  • Commercial termite inspection


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Our Range of Termite Termite Control Services Include:

Termite Inspection

Termite Treatment


Free Termite Inspections

Dry RoT Repair

Termite Damage Repair

Termite Spot Treatment

Termite Prevention

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We take pride in our work and providing a high level of customer service. We strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.



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Types of Termite Pest Control Service

Termite Inspection For Escrow

Buying and selling a home can be a huge pressure and of course there are always conditions to be met and deadlines. We empathise with you and will do our best to make our part in the process as easy as possible. Whether you are applying for an FHA loan, VA loan, conventional loan or a refinance you can be sure we've been there many times before. Termite reports for escrow are returned within 24-48 hours and are always free of charge. 

Residential Termite Inspection

We are licensed and bonded for your safety and ours! Our termite inspectors are trained to be polite and courteous. It goes without saying that they are the best termite guys around! If you are searching for "best termite company near me" and you are reading this page, look no further - you've found us!

Termite Control For Property Management Company

We understand the need for property managers to have reliable local contractors, and that when it comes to pest control it's just the same. We work with property managers of communities of all sizes from single homes to enterprises with multiple locations. We also do a lot of termite control for HOA's.

Commercial Termite Inspection

We provide the same level of service for all our customers. If you are looking for a pest control mainteance contract we can't help you with that, but if you would like peace of mind knowing your property is free from termites, we offer an annual inspection program for all our commercial and indutrial customers. You don't need to do anything, we schedule you on our books, contact you in advance to confirm the appointment and provide your report within days.